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Coaching is a brilliant way of helping you to increase your motivation.  Do you wake up every morning looking forward to a great day or is getting out of bed a struggle?  There's a lot to do in life, but it's often a challenge to find the energy and focus to get out and do it!  

  • Would you like to be happier?
  • Do you feel that life is passing you by and you want to make changes while you can? 
  • Is there a disconnect between your ideal life and your reality?
  • Are you stuck in your comfort zone but know there is more to life?  
  • Is your work/life balance not very balanced?  
  • Do you want more confidence


A coach can help you address all these issues and more.  Contact me to explore how I can help you set and reach amazing goals. 

I am passionate about personal development - both my own development and about helping others grow and become happier in both their personal and professional lives.   My focus is on finding out what you want from life - whether it is a better work/life balance, more confidence, more motivation, to be happier in your career,  and then helping you to formulate a plan to get there, breaking it down into manageable steps, one month at a time.  To find out what I bring to my coaching relationships and how I can help you live the life you want, get in touch for your free ignite session.

 'I just wanted to acknowledge and thank you for the work and support you have given me. Two of the most pivotal moments for me this year involved our  sessions. This was the moment I needed to evaluate and arrive at the decision to move on. Thank you for providing the opportunity to think through where I needed to go! Sometimes people come along in life and make a huge positive difference. You have helped me do that this year.  Very inspiring '  Jemma

'I loved the whole course.  Really enjoyed making positive plans and feeling motivated to achieve them'.  Julie

Looking for inspiration to help you become more positive?  Have a look at my life coaching blog  to find some great hints and tips!