Ten Steps to Positivity #3: Know what makes you happy... and schedule it in!

Of course, unscheduled, surprising moments of happiness are fantastic!  We all love them.  But if we have a busy life, family and work commitments, it's easy to be so focussed on dealing with the daily dramas that we miss spontaneous opportunities to be happy.

By understanding what makes you happy and committing time to these activities, you are taking control of your own happiness levels and ensuring that no matter what unplanned challenges you may be facing, you will still take time out to prioritise your needs and your happiness.  This is not being selfish, this is making sure you are in the best shape possible when dealing with work and family.

What would your happy list look like?  Some things may only take a few minutes - listening your favourite feel good song?  Starting to plan your next holiday?  Others - like spending the evening with friends - take a bit longer.   For me, starting the day listening to 80s cheesy music is a great way of making sure I am in control of my mood from the start. 

Get into the habit of planning your happiness activities for the next day before you go to sleep.  Imagine how happy the activity is going to make you - and remind yourself when you wake up what you have committed to doing.  It doesn't have to take hours and will make a big impact on your levels of positivity.